Wednesday, January 15, 2003


I spend a lot of my time contributing to the Development Gateway Portal. It occurs to me that I should suggest here, in my K4D Blog, that people interested in the topic should consider becoming members of at least three DG communities:

Knowledge Economy

Information and Communication Technologies for Development

Innovation for Development

I would hope many people interested in K4D would also be specifically interested in joining one of the following communities:



E-Commerce for Arts and Crafts

Becoming a nominal member of one of these communities is easy. Just go to the Member Directory box on the right side of the web page with the URL cited above, and click on “become a member”. You will have to provide a little information.

As a member, you will get alerts to new resources, and occasional newsletters. Your name will be added to the member list, and others will have the means of contacting you by email.

I would especially welcome those of you who are interested in becoming active members. At the simplest level, you can be active by posting an occasional contribution of some resource that you think may interest your fellow members.

More ambitiously, the editors seem to be quite happy in adding guides and advisors to help with the planning and organization of the resources.

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