Wednesday, January 01, 2003


I recently read that there are more than three-quarters of a million web logs, or blogs, now in operation. These are of course people like me taking the opportunity provided by very user friendly blogging web sites to post messages frequently that can be widely read. Some of them deal with Knowledge for Development or related topics.

Bret Fausett’s icann.Blog
A Los Angeles based lawyer’s Blog about the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers activities.

Steve Cisler's Blog
Cisler is one of the people most active in bringing Internet access to communities worldwide, and his blog is a useful addition to the materials he has placed on the web on his home page and other sites.

e-Government & Technology Middle East
An Information site for furthering information society and eGovernment (eGov) collaboration. ArabGov.Com represents a forum for the sharing of news, ideas and initiatives between the governments of Middle-Eastern and Gulf countries.

Lawrence Lessig's Blog
An important leader in thinking through the institutions determining whether the Internet will be a commons or privatized.

Smart Convergence: New Technology and Business Opportunity
A Blog produced by Eduardo Prado in Brazil

Rajesh Jain's Weblog on Emerging Technologies, Enterprises and Markets.
(Entrepreneur, Mumbai, India, Emergic, Netcore, Internet, IndiaWorld, Sify, IIT-Bombay, ColumbiaUniv)

Smart Mobs
A Website and Weblog about Topics and Issues discussed in the book
Smart Mobs: The Next Social Revolution by Howard Rheingold

FLORA Blog is an independently owned and operated volunteer service that acts as part of the Community Networking movement.
It acts as a sort of commons or free-space where organizations can set up lines of communication and provide information to members of the community.

This is an online science magazine in the form of a Blog, with advertising.

Tom Munnecke
A journal of thoughts and activities of a Visiting Scholar at the Stanford University Digital Visions Program

Ilkka Tuomi’s Blog
Mr Tuomi is a Finnish author and columnist on topics science, culture, technology and economy who is is currently a visiting scientist at the European Commission's Joint Research Center, Institute for Prospective Technological Studies, Seville, Spain.

Peter West’s “Citations for Knowledge Workers”

David Brake’s Blog
A UK-based consultant, journalist, and virtual community builder provides news and comments on the Internet, digital TV, community regeneration, and more.

A weblog about the politics of new and old media, foreign policy, tech, culture, philosophy, and photography. It is maintained by Dru Oja Jay, who variously calls himself a student, journalist, web designer, and writer. He lives in Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada.

“laws, lies, legal research and the internet”; a research project by Maximillian Dornseif.
Research interests are primary in interactions in a highly interconnected environment between safety, security, laws and policy. PhD Student University of Bonn.

There are also relevant Blogs in other languages:

Jorge Arabito Facso
This Argentine lawyer has a Blog dedicated to “The Social Impact of New Technologies and Something More”.

Knowledge Discovery Room
“a repository of knowledge and ideas discovered in everyday reading life.” In Spanish, French and German as well as English (via automatic translation).

Blogs of some more PhD students

PHD Web Logs
This is a site which links to a number of graduate students, including some working on topics within the area of my blog such as those identified below:

Eszter's Blog
Sociology, the Net, academia, teaching, research, books and movies, current events, fun Web stuff, art, gadgets andt anything else that comes to mind of Eszter Hargittai, a PhD student at Princeton.
Kara Kerwin is a student at the University of Buffalo at the School of Informatics, Department of Communication.

Among the many web logs that are somewhat related to our topic:

Innovation Weblog
InnovationTools is a Web site designed by Chuck Frey to help busy executives to be more innovative in their businesses. This is the associated Blog.

Ray Schroeder's Techno-News Blog
Keeping up with the changing technologies, issues and related developments in education, distance education, and online learning.

Terry W. Frazier’s Blog focuses on publishing and information-sharing, but crosses over into politics, law, technology, process, and business strategy when those things intersect with the aforementioned focus.
Telecoms, Internet and Convergence

Shauna Curphey
Shauna Curphey is a freelance writer living in Long Beach, Calif. She was an editor at Microsoft's Encarta eLearning Center and at Smart

Glenn Reynolds InstaPundit
A law professor's whose recent topics have included stories on the US elections, Islamic terrorism in Indonesia, a debate on the American gun culture and the more down-to-earth subjects of sex and music.

Note some organizational web logs:

The Scotish Center for Online Learning and Assessment has organized a Blog for short communications..

On line learning Europe
This site has also developed a Blog for short communications on online learning.

Another online learning site:

the online journal of the iSociety research project at the Work Foundation.

Some sites that help find Blogs:

Claims 13869 blogs on file.

8623 weblogs as of 01.01.03.

Search 7500 News Sites and Weblogs for Current Events and Breaking News

Globe of Blogs
Claims 3121 weblogs have registered so far.

The Weblogs Directory of braZil and Portugal
Listed by categories, countries and languages. Also lists new and updated blogs.

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