Tuesday, March 11, 2003


I suggest that one of the key factors interfering with the application of knowledge for development is war and armed conflict. Most people are surprised when they see a count of the number of such conflicts in the world; there are many more than there should be. Here are a couple of sites showing how many conflicts there are in the world:

The Armed Conflicts Report
I think this is the best known global report on the armed conflict, presenting country specific data as well as an overview.

INCORE Internet Country Guides
These Guides provide information about internet resources on conflict and ethnicity specific to particular countries and regions.

A couple of organizations that might be of interest:

Set up in 1993 by the University of Ulster and the United Nations University to undertake research and policy work that is useful to the resolution of ethnic, political and religious conflicts. I hope they help in the Irish Peace Process.

The Center for International Development and Conflict Management, in which I hold an appointment (albeit not on the topic of Conflict Management).

And here are some links on the topic:


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