Wednesday, April 30, 2003


The International Food Policy Research Institute is, in my experience, a great outfit. It has lead for many years in the utilization of computers to apply knowledge to the making of food policy in developing nations. Here are a couple of great resource pages that IRPRI has created.

Microcomputers in Policy Research Series
This is a series of reports that seeks to promote the use of microcomputers in agricultural policy analysis in developing countries. The materials can be downloaded without charge. They include specific manuals on use of the GAMS system for General Equilibrium Models as more general materials. As PCs have become ever more powerful, this kind of analysis has become possible on quite modestly priced equipment, and a possibility for poor nations to carry out locally.

TRAINING MATERIALS: Computer Applications
The International Food Policy Research Institute has made these training materials available online, supporting the applications of computers in food policy research in developing nations.

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