Tuesday, April 22, 2003


infoDev Phasing Out Core Grants Program

Since 1996 infoDev has funded more than 100 projects promoting information and communications technology applications for social and economic development, and especially for poverty reduction. The core infoDev program was open to all, providing grants competitively to innovative ICT projects. It funded projects in many sectors, including projects that piloted or demonstrated ICT applications, projects that promoted improved ICT related policies and strategies, and projects that networked ICT innovators. This program has now been discontinued, in favor of "flagship programs" that seek to promote ICTs in several defined flagship areas, such as: Incubators of ICT based enterprises, African Connectivity, ICT Infrastructure and e-Readiness, Regulation for the Networked Economy, and e-Government.

I acted as Work Program Administrator for infoDev for almost two years, and enjoyed the experience. I valued the core program, that I hope filled a need during the period that saw the Internet begin to diffuse into poor nations.

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