Saturday, July 05, 2003


Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and Small Enterprise in Development (ICTSME)
This project of the Institute for Development Policy and Management of the University of Manchester has published a "Handbook for Enterprise Support Agency Staff" (in English, French and Spanish) and a "Handbook for Entrepreneurs" (in English, French and Spanish, and Arabic). The website also provides Project reports, conceptual papers, and other materials.

"Women’s views and voices are grossly under-represented in the media," according to this study. "Women constituted 17 percent of known news sources in the media monitored in the study.....Women constitute 52 percent of the population in Southern Africa." "The study covered 114 out of the 317 print and electronic media in the 12 countries covered, or 36 percent of the media in these countries, during September 2002." THE SOUTHERN AFRICAN GENDER AND MEDIA BASELINE STUDY is provided by the Media Institute for Southern Africa (MISA).

"The Virtual University Models and messages: Lessons from case studies"
From the Introduction: "One of the ways of examining change in higher education is to put a number of institutions under a microscope by means of case studies, and this has proved a fruitful approach. The cases selected for study represent a range of - although not all - institutional models, and diverse - although not all - geographic regions. The task of each author was to tell the story of the institution and to illuminate the main policy, planning and management challenges, and finally, to convey a message to the reader with the lessons learned. The case studies are the heart of this publication and they were designed to speak for themselves. Taken together, the case study chapters outlined below put forward a rich and diversified description of the virtual university. They outline the changing landscape of a global marketplace of higher education." Three initial chapters focus on: the main trends that impinge on higher education; the challenges and opportunities facing the university; and the impact of borderless education." Case studies were: UNITAR, Malaysia; Campus Numérique Francophone de Dakar, Sénégal; Universidad Virtual de Quilmes, Argentina; USQOnline, Australia; Athabasca University, Canada; African Virtual University/Kenyatta University, Kenya; L'Université Virtuelle en Pays de la Loire, France; and NetVarsity, India. Susan D'Antoni, editor, 2003. The study was released by IIEP UNESCO.

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