Saturday, November 29, 2003


I came across two papers prepared to inform the deliberations of the World Summit on the Information Society that seem to me to be important reading. I hope that WSIS helps develop support for building science and technology capacity in developing nations, and maintaining such capacity in transition nations. If so, these documents may be influential as to how such capacity building is to be accomplished.

Promoting The Application Of Science And Technology To Meet The Development Goals Contained In The Millennium Declaration
Four themes are covered: 1) Improving the policy environment for the application of science and technology to development; 2) Strengthening basic and applied research in developing countries and international scientific networking; 3) Strengthening technology support institutions and science advisory mechanisms; building human capacity; identifying new technologies and applications; and encouraging international collaboration to support research in neglected fields; and Promoting universal Internet access at affordable costs and building strategic partnerships in the field of science and technology for development and capacity building for competitiveness." Concept paper prepared by the CSTD Secretariat for the Panel on "Promoting the application of science and technology to meet the Millennium Development Goals," Tunis, Tunisia, 29-31 October 2003. (PDF, 22 pages.)

Background Paper of the Task Force on Science, Technology and Innovation of the Millennium Project
The Millennium Project was launched by the United Nations and the United Nations Development Program to recommend the best strategies for achieving the Millennium Development Goals set forth in the Millennium Assembly of the United Nations. Ten Task Forces were created under the project, including Task Force 10 on Science, Technology and Innovation. That Task Force, composed of well known leaders from many countries working in this field, produced this report dated April 18, 2003. (PDF, 57 pages.)

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