Wednesday, September 28, 2005

"Birth Control Battle"

ABC News: Nightline interview:

"The FDA's controversial decision on August 26 to postpone indefinitely a decision to make the 'Morning After' pill available over-the-counter took many by surprise. None more so than Dr. Susan Wood who headed the FDA's Office of Women's Health for the last five years." Days after the decision she resigned in protest."

Last night she had a television interview with Ted Koppel. She made the point that, in her opinion, all the scientific evidence supported the application to make the drug available without prescription. She was most concerned with the action of the FDA to postpone, perhaps indefinitely, the availability of the product without explanation and contrary to the scientific evidence and against the recommendations of the scientific review panel/

I hope the broadcast will be made available on the Nightline website. Other material describing the decision is available on the website.