Monday, September 19, 2005

Science Initiative Group

MSI-SIG home page

SIG seeks to provide "strategic direction, quality monitoring, and scientific guidance for the Millennium Science Initiative." The Millennium Science Initiative (MSI) is strongly associated with the World Bank, and strives to create and nurture world-class science and scientific talent in the developing world. The primary goals of the MSI are to: * foster innovative research and applications of specific value to the host country or region * educate and train future generations of scientists and engineers * develop linkages with educational and research institutions, the private sector, and the global scientific community. The mission of the MSI is to be reinforced by a "Global Science Corps" (GSC), which is to send scientists from advanced nations to work alongside colleagues in the developing world. The website provides information about MSI initiatives in developing countries as well as more general news about science and technology in developing nations.

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