Tuesday, December 20, 2005

"The Arab Drift Into Scientific Obscurity"

Read the full article by Faisal Sanai, Arab News, . (20 December, 2005)

"In this era of globalization, a nation’s growth within the maturity module is determined by its scientific progress. Scientific progress in turn, is measured by the nation’s overall research publication in key peer-reviewed journals. This, to put it metaphorically, is the 'Holy Grail' of the research community.....

"It appears that Arab scholars across the expanse of the Middle East have become mere patrons of development rather than the pioneers they once were.

"Our scientific community is in deep hibernation. Not since the pre-Renaissance era has there been such a dearth of medical research. There is a malaise that seems to afflict Arab academic output and it has reached epidemic proportions. And the situation is only getting worse. There is now a pressing need for this issue to be addressed before we become the victims of our own neglect."

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