Thursday, January 19, 2006

Reorganization of U.S. Foreign Assistance

Read the full article in the Washington Post by Glenn Kessler and Bradley Graham about State Department reorganization. (January 19, 2006.)

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice "today plans to unveil a restructuring of U.S. foreign assistance, including announcing the nomination of Randall L. Tobias as the new administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development. Officials said Rice plans to elevate the USAID post, giving Tobias -- a former Eli Lilly chief executive who now heads the administration's global AIDS relief program -- an office and a planning staff in the State Department. Rice will designate Tobias as having a rank equivalent of deputy secretary of state. Although the move stops short of merging USAID with State, it is intended to draw the agency closer into the department's fold, the officials said. Additionally, the new director will be given broader authority over a range of foreign assistance accounts now managed by separate entities. 'Effectively, this will allow a single person to have visibility into these various accounts,' a State official said."

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