Sunday, April 23, 2006

Hu Jintao in Saudi Arabia

Read the full article in Yahoo!France:Actualites, 23 April 2006. (In French.)

Hu Jintao went to Saudi Arabia right after leaving Washington. He spoke to the Saudi Choura (legislative body). He offered China's efforts to stabilize and bring peace to the Middle East. I assume that he sought to leave an image of China as peacemaker, and to contrast that with the image in the region of the Bush Administration.

I suspect that the visit says something about China's interest in competing for more oil in the future, to fuel its growing economy.

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WOM said...

This was, I think, an economically motivated visit more than anything.

I'm really enjoying watching the world economies emerge at such a high pace. I think 5.2 billion dollars is being spent by China to SABIC so a refinery and petrochemical plant can be built. That right there would increase the already surging profits SABIC and other Saudi companies are experiencing.

I'm loving the global economy right now.