Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Death in Darfur

SOCIAL SCIENCE: Death in Darfur -- Hagan and Palloni 313 (5793): 1578 -- Science:

"We conservatively estimate 19 months of mortality in West Darfur as 49,288 (with a range from 40,850 to 67,598) by summing the means for estimated deaths between the high and low monthly figures in the right side of the figure. When the right tail of this distribution is extended to May 2006 (18), the total number of deaths is 65,296 in West Darfur alone, with a range from 57,506 to 85,346. This estimate covers 31 months of conflict that, as of August 2006, has been under way for 43 months. If the further 12 months of conflict were well estimated, and/or if all or most missing or disappeared persons were presumed dead, the death estimate would be much higher.

Largely as a result of this killing, more than one million individuals are now displaced or affected in West Darfur (20). About one million people are similarly displaced in each of the adjoining Sudanese states of North and South Darfur. If the same ratio of death to displacement applies across states, this implies that close to 200,000 deaths have occurred over 31 months in Greater Darfur."

Everyone. Do something now to stop the killing in Darfur!

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