Saturday, July 28, 2007

Dr. Albert Ellis Tribute

Read the tribute to Dr. Albert Ellis from the Albert Ellis Institute website.

Dr. Ellis made the world realize not only that what you feel depends in part on what you think, but also that by changing thinking one could help people in psychological trouble to feel better.

The Guardian says:
Albert Ellis, one of the most provocative figures in modern psychology and the founder of a renowned psychotherapy institute, died Tuesday at age 93......

Ellis developed what is known as rational emotive behavior therapy, which stresses that patients can improve their lives by taking control of self-defeating thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Many consider his work to be part of the foundation of cognitive behavior therapy.....

A 1982 survey of clinical psychologists ranked Ellis as the second most influential in the field - ahead of Sigmund Freud and behind Carl Rogers, founder of humanistic psychology.

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