Friday, July 27, 2007

The Food Situation in Iraq

WFP - Where we work - Iraq:

"In May 2006, WFP (The World Food Program) released its food security survey for over 22,000 households. It found that 15 percent of the total Iraqi population (over four million people) is food insecure and in dire need of different types of humanitarian assistance, including food, despite the rations they are receiving from the Public Distribution System (PDS). This is an increase from the estimated 11 percent (2.6 million people) deemed to be extremely poor in WFP’s first survey in September 2004. The May 2006 survey also indicated that a further 8.3 million people would be rendered food insecure if they were not provided with a PDS ration, compared to 3.6 million people in the previous survey.

In 2007, WFP continues to be involved in the provision of assistance through an emergency operation targeting the most vulnerable groups in Iraq. The nearly three-year operation, costing US$60 million, is intended to provide food assistance to some 223,200 malnourished children and their family members (over 1.1 million), over 350,000 pregnant and lactating mothers and 6,400 tuberculosis patients."

Read the 2004 WFP Baseline Food Security Analysis in Iraq.

Comment: Why do the news media not cover the condition of the people of Iraq? JAD

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