Monday, December 31, 2007

The continuing saga of my one laptop per child

I posted on December 26th that my XO computer that I purchased on November 12th and opened on Christmas Day did not work. I posted on December 27th that the manual and response to my email did not help, and that a phone call did not result in anything but a promise to call back.

I sat by the telephone for a whole day, waiting for a call which never came.

I found one suggestion online that there may be a bad connection to the mother board since there is neither a sound nor a screen response when the computer is turned on -- only the green light that the power is on. I found one place that said one could open the box without voiding the warranty since the idea is that kids will feel free to learn about the machine. I found another place where the instructions said that opening the box would void the warranty, so I have not opened the box.

I am now convinced I need to invoke the warranty. In order to return the computer for repair or replacement, I need to obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization. In order to do so, I needed to call the number given.

I called many times yesterday, getting a response each time that there were no lines available. I finally got a recorded message telling me to wait for an operator. I waited so long that my phone battery went out, and hung up.

I called this evening, New Years Eve, after 7:00 pm, and got through to an operator after about five minutes. It took 15 minutes for him to take my information. He then told me that he could not issue a Return Merchandise Authorization, as that could only be done by a supervisor. He said that they are very busy. He put on the form he filled out that I should be contacted as soon as possible, and told me it would be two to four days.

I don't know how teachers in developing countries are supposed to deal with this system, much less the young children who are to get these computers.

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Barbara Fillip said...

Hi John!
Sorry to hear about your troubles with the XO. I ordered and received my daughter's xo at the same time as you did and it's working very well. I did had some difficulties figuring out how to connect to my wireless network at home but figured it out eventually. I've downloaded most of what's available for the xo at this time in terms of software and tried most of it.