Wednesday, December 26, 2007

More about Appropriate Technology

And still more about Appropriate Technology


Curt Beckmann said...

Thanks very kindly, John, for the link to Appropedia! You've got a great list. We're very interested in feedback and ideas about for high priority content to focus on gathering / porting to the site, as well as usability information, partnering opportunities, etc. In particular, if you've got content that you would like to see gain more visibility (we recently delivered our 2 millionth page), let us know!

I will be looking into all the other links that you list. I recognize most of them. Some missing links (okay, you know what I mean) are:, and

If this feels like spam, don't publish it, but please get in touch! Too bad we didn't connect a little earlier... I was in Rockville about 3 weeks ago!

John Daly said...

I doesn't feel at all like spam, but like a very useful addition to my lists.

I will be in contact with Curt by email.