Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Fight the Maryland Tax on Computer Services

During the November 2007 special session, the Maryland General Assembly enacted legislation to expand the state’s sales tax to computer services. A coalition of business organizations and Maryland companies is working to repeal the computer services sales tax during the 2008 General Assembly Session. I support that effort.

I pay sales taxes on a lot of things, and adding one more won't hurt me that much. But Maryland's firms that buy computer services, and then pass on the cost of those services to their own customers are going to be less competitive, since firms in other states don't pay such a tax. Computer services are crucial not only to computer businesses, but also to biotechnology companies and other high technology companies. Moreover, a lot of out of state firms are not going to comply with the Maryland law, and online ICT services are becoming more and more common.

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Click here to contact your legislators and urge them to repeal the computer services sales tax.

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