Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bush Administration Fails to Fund Expectations

Source: "U.S. BUDGET: House Panel Berates Science Adviser on 2009 'Shortfall'" by Jeffrey Mervis, Science 22 February 2008: Vol. 319. no. 5866, p. 1023.

Last week members of the House Committee on Science and Technology complained that President Bush has failed to honor his financial commitment to U.S. innovation in his 2009 budget request. The America COMPETES Act, passed overwhelmingly by Congress and signed by the president authorizes spending of $43 billion over 3 years to increase the U.S. pool of scientific talent and boost research spending. "Although the budget proposes spending 84% of the authorized level for DOE science, 93% for NSF, and 71% for NIST, it falls short of the overall target by $2.1 billion (see graphic)."

Comment: The administration says that the next president should meet the funding targets Bush set, but the Bush administration itself will not do so in the period in which it is within it power to do so. JAD

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