Friday, February 22, 2008

McCain's Projection?

According to Wikipedia:
In psychology, psychological projection (or projection bias) is a defense mechanism in which one attributes to others one’s own unacceptable or unwanted thoughts or/and emotions.
McCain has recently implied that Barack Obama was imprudent on the basis of a remark he made during a debate.
McCain was one of the Keating five, formally sanctioned by the Senate Ethics Committee; he had accepted favors from a lobbyist, his wife was in business with the guy, and yet he participated in meetings with regulators seeking to influence their actions. Now we find a lobbyist apparently bragging to her colleagues about her influence over McCain, getting him to write letters to regulators asking for more rapid decisions, and do disturbing his aids that at least one reports telling the lobbyist to cool it! His campaign is being run by lobbyists, and lobbyists have been generating a large part of his campaign financing. Perhaps it is McCain who lacks prudence?
McCain charged that Obama is not honoring his commitment to use public financing for his presidential campaign if he receives the nomination.
McCain has apparently borrowed money for his primary campaign on a pledge of using public financing, and now seeks to abandon that public financing and the pledges he made. Perhaps McCain it is McCain who is reneging on his promise.

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