Saturday, April 12, 2008

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I spend a great deal of my time as an editor for the Development Gateway. I am very active as an editor of:
The Information and Communications Technology Community
Monitoring and Evaluation (of ICT Projects) Community

Thousands of online resources of interest to those involved in Knowledge for Development can be located using the archives and search facilities of those website, and one can contact thousands of people with similar interests in many, many countries who participate in those communities. I would also recommend the Development Gateway:

I have also been active editing the community pages on:

Nanotechnology for Development
Space Applications for Development

We are considering combining these into a site that would be called "Emerging Technologies for Development". That community would include not only nanotechnology and space technologies but also biotechnology and other emerging technologies with potential economic importance to developing nations.

For those of you interested in UNESCO, I am the webmaster for the website for:

I am also the chief blogger for two blogs that relate to Americans for UNESCO:

UNESCO in the Spotlight: Education and Culture
UNESCO in the Spotlight: Science and Communications

Drop a comment if you think the Emerging Technologies for Development would be a good or a bad idea. I am also looking for volunteers to help with posting material on the UNESCO blogs.

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