Friday, May 23, 2008

Neighbors, Please Vote for Donna Edwards on June 17th.

A special general election is scheduled for June 17th to determine who will represent Maryland's 4th District in Congress once Cong. Albert Wynn steps down later this month. Democrat Donna Edwards will be facing off against Republican Peter James who will also be her opponent for the general election in November.

Donna Edwards is an exceptional candidate, and will make a great representative for our district in the Congress. The early election is a chance to give her seniority over the new class that will be entering office next year. This is a strongly Democratic district, and under normal circumstances her election would be all but assured, However, in the last special election in this district, fewer than eleven percent of voters turned out to vote. In those circumstances, a determined minority could defeat the electorate's choice by getting a heavy turnout of the minority Republican vote. Lets not let that happen.

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