Thursday, July 24, 2008

Military Closes Down Blogger

Source: "Silent Posting: With His Blog Kaboom, a Young Soldier Told of His War. Last Month, the Army Made Him Shut It Down." by Ernesto LondoƱo, The Washington Post, July 24, 2008.

Matthew Gallagher, better known as Lt. G, had his blog, Kaboom ordered taken down last month. The young soldier had been blogging since he was assigned to Iraq last year.
The blog's downfall was a May 28 posting that, in violation of military blogging rules, Gallagher failed to have vetted by a supervisor. (That the posting depicted an officer in the unit unflatteringly might have played a role. Gallagher declined a request to comment.)
The army might have done it better. Certainly there is a need to censor military postings to see that they don't provide militarily useful information to the enemy, but that power should be used cautiously. If a soldier transgresses the rules, if no harm is done, he should not be prevented from continuing blogging.

The good news is the the soldier has been promoted and is now a Captain, and that his girlfriend has revived Kaboom!

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