Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"Web curbs for Olympic journalists"

Image source: Intomobile
According to BBC News:
"Journalists covering the Beijing Olympic Games will not have completely uncensored access to the internet, Chinese and Olympic officials say. Sites related to spiritual group Falun Gong would be blocked, officials said. Journalists also found they could not see some news or human rights websites. China enforces tough internet controls, but said when it bid for the Games that journalists would be free to report."
Comment: The Olympics are hugely commercial for the media, the advertizers, and the host country and city. For the Chinese Government they seem to be a political event. It has become clear that some countries, some trainers and some others have driven young people to harm themselves in pursuit of an Olympic birth or medal. Too many athletes have used drugs to enhance their chances of success. The pollution in Beijing threatens to cause physical damage. And now we read that the Chinese Government has not honored its pledge to free reporters from censorship. I am not going to watch. JAD

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