Sunday, October 26, 2008

Donna Edwards Endorsements

Donna Edwards and son Jared.

The Gazette has endorsed Donna Edwards for the 4th Congressional District of Maryland. From the endorsement by the Washington Post:
WHEN VOTERS in Maryland's 4th Congressional District, which stretches from Prince George's County into Montgomery, dislodged Rep. Albert R. Wynn in the Democratic primary this year, they put considerable faith in the potential of an energetic but untested newcomer, Donna F. Edwards. Ms. Edwards, a civic activist, had proved herself to be an effective advocate for causes such as raising the minimum wage and curbing domestic violence. But could she produce results in Washington? Four months into her service, which began when Mr. Wynn resigned and she won a special election, Ms. Edwards has shown that she deserves a full term in Congress.......

Her opponent, Republican Peter James, is a crusader against deficit spending who endorses such extreme remedies as abolishing the Federal Reserve and who has issued a local currency to underscore his point. The currency hasn't caught on; neither should his candidacy.
Comment: Is someone really suggesting at this time we abolish the Federal Reserve? It seems to have responded to the current economic crisis in a way that has kept us out of a new depression, and the Fed is now lead by the foremost expert on economic crises in the United States. JAD

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