Sunday, September 27, 2009

"UNESCO defeat will not alter Egypt's foreign ties: analysts"

According to Daily News Egypt, cooler heads will prevail and Hosny's loss will not affect Egypts foreign policy nor its relations with America.

As far as the charge that Hosny's loss could be charged in part to American opposition to Egypt, that opposition has been carefully hidden if it exists. For example, the United States has given Egypt some $60 billion dollars in foreign aid since 1979. If you figure Egypt's 80 million people are divided in 20 million families, that would amount to $3,000 per family. Of course, American families love being taxed in order to subsidize Egyptian families. And of course, all those poor misguided analysts who have seen Egypt and the United States as strong allies would have to be wrong.

As to the charges that I am anti-Egyptian, why do you suppose I led the effort to provide Egypt with a concessional loan of $140 million dollars to strengthen its science programs a couple of decades ago?

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