Saturday, November 07, 2009

More on Net Neutrality

From Media Reform Daily:
Net Neutrality Required to Spur Innovation

The Internet's amazing success has been based on its openness, ubiquity and nondiscrimination. The fact that no one ever had to ask permission from the network to innovate has led to one of the greatest periods of economic growth in history. So, when the global communications network grows by leaps and bounds and spurs tremendous innovation, why change its traditional rules?

Nicholas Economides, Financial Times
Net Neutrality Red Herrings, and How to Combat Them

There will be a tremendous astroturfing campaign against both the current Net Neutrality legislation in Congress and the comment period of the FCC's Net Neutrality rulemaking process. There are a couple of things the Netroots community needs to do in response.

Daily Kos
EU Ready to Guarantee Internet Access and Neutrality

A compromise between European Union negotiators and 27 member states has cleared the way to approve telecom reforms that include Internet access protection. The EU's Viviane Reding said the telecom bill will protect consumer rights and guarantee Net Neutrality. In particular, the U.K.'s "three strikes" rule would be blocked in the EU.

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