Friday, December 18, 2009

A Thought occasioned by a review of Afatar

The reviewer commented that it was ironic that a film that had such a strong message on the dangers of modern civilization to the environment and to promote ever more dangerous warfare was made with the most advanced filmmaker technology.

Of course technology is a tool, not a policy. It is the way we use advanced technology that creates the problem, not the technology per se. Indeed our best chance to avoid future disaster lies in the effective use of advanced technology:
  • Energy technologies that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and will eventually reduce our dependency on fossil fuels
  • Agricultural technologies that will increase productivity on cultivated lands thereby both feeding our growing population and decreasing pressures on marginal lands
  • Information and communications technologies which offer both the hope of amplified intelligence with which to better face our problems and improved communication to better span the cultural divides which lead to war
  • Biomedical technologies which will offer a healthier and longer life
I guess it is not surprising that a film critic is a closet technophobe, even if he likes some high tech films.

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