Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Local Primary Election Was Held Yesterday

I was a poll watcher, and I was most impressed by the turn out of campaign workers. The turn out was 18.6 percent for the county, which is not bad for a primary. My precinct, which usually has better turn out than average, had almost 15 percent of registered voters appear yesterday, and probably many more who voted in the four days of early voting. The incumbents serving me in state and federal offices all won easily as expected -- congratulations to Donna Edwards my Representative in the House and Barbara Mikulski, my Senator. The Democratic races for local offices were apparently strongly contested, which explains the campaign workers and the 120 or so campaign signs at our polling place. Again, congratulations to all winners, condolences to those who fought and did not win. Special congratulatiosn to Roger Manno, who won a close race for nomination to the State Senate, and Darren Popkin, who was nominated for Sheriff.

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