Thursday, November 04, 2010

Invitation: The Monitoring and Evaluation Group on Zunia

Come and visit the Monitoring and Evaluation group website on Zunia. I manage the group, and you are welcome to visit and/or join.

The website provides more than 1,600 resources with meta-descriptions and links. They include links to the evaluation sites of major donors and to evaluation guidelines provided by them. I hope the site also provides a lot of evidence on what works and what does not work in does not work in development since its resources include evaluations, case studies and compilations of case studies. There are also resources on indices for monitoring and evaluation and other methodological topics.

The website was created when Zunia was still known as the Development Gateway, but was taken offline by the Development Gateway Foundation for some time. It has been back up and adding resources for about a year now and I hope is useful. You can not only browse and search the resource base, but also receive alerts for new resources that are being added every week.

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