Monday, December 27, 2010

Defeat for Census Reform

According to the New York Times:
With an assist from the Obama team, House Republicans and a handful of Democrats have defeated a sound bipartisan measure to reform the Census Bureau.....

The bill’s supporters included seven former bureau directors from both parties and hundreds of statistical, professional, public policy and civil rights organizations. They understood that the bill would have encouraged consistent, professional management of the bureau — crucial to the scientific integrity of census data and to the quality of the decisions and policies based on the data. The administration and a minority in the House did the cause of good government a disservice.
So we continue to be stuck with census results that undercount the poor, migrants, and the homeless. As a result, we redistrict our electoral districts to disenfranchise them, which leads to state legislatures that also disenfranchise the poor and marginal peoples of our country.

I would not be so annoyed except that this is willful political action to force inaccurate information into the public domain. Arghhh!

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