Friday, April 08, 2011

I remember the last time the government shut down

Remember when Newt Gingrich led the Republicans in winning control of the House of Representatives in 1994, and he and his Republican colleagues refused to compromise on the budget in 1995 leading to a shut down of the government in December of that year. That shut down, like the one the Tea Party Republicans are threatening this year, cost the tax payers money while denying them services.

This year the threat is especially hard on Washington which is expecting crowds for the Cherry Blossom Festival this weekend, Not only will the museums and other public government buildings be shut down, but the Metro will suffer; even the garbage collector in this federal city may be affected.

I took the opportunity to retire a couple of years later when the budget for foreign aid was cut from its already pitifully low levels and buy-outs were offered to encourage early retirement. In part, I did so because the Gingrich revolution soured me on government service in an environment of anti-government sentiment.

John Boehner and his Republican colleagues in the House may do real harm again today and in the near future!

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