Saturday, August 06, 2011

Gallup poll on global wellbeing

According to the poll:
Majorities of residents in 19 countries -- mostly in Europe and the Americas -- rated their lives well enough to be classified this way. Denmark, along with Sweden (69%) and Canada (69%), led the list, which is largely dominated by more developed and wealthier nations, as expected given the links between wellbeing and GDP. The U.S. falls somewhat near the middle of the pack, with 59% of Americans thriving.
Our politicians would have us believe that the United States is delivering more to its citizens than other nations. Tell that to the Scandinavians or the Canadians, who have better health care systems and a better social safety net. It has been suggested that the United States has more difficulties than Sweden or Denmark because we are a more diverse population: tell that to the Canadians! 

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