Friday, August 12, 2011

Growth of the e-book market

According to the New York Times, summarizing results from a newly published survey:
In 2008 e-books were 0.6 percent of the total trade market; in 2010, they were 6.4 percent. Publishers have seen especially robust e-book sales in genre fiction like romance, mystery and thrillers, as well as literary fiction. In 2010, 114 million e-books were sold, the report said. 
The survey does not include sales data from 2011, a year of substantial e-book growth.
I have one of the early Kindles and I enjoyed reading with it. It certainly makes purchase of books easy. On the other hand, I am buying my books in paperback, and primarily from the Barnes and Nobel book store where my history book club meets. I do so partly in gratitude for the store making its facilities available for out meetings, but more importantly in gratitude for the curatorial services provided by the leader of the book club and the help in choosing good books from the discussions among book club members.

Still, the article suggests that publishers are doing well, as presumably are authors, from the e-books even as the bricks-and-mortar book stores are suffering from competition from online book dealers of all kinds. 

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