Monday, October 10, 2011

The changing patterns of home use of computers

Alladi Venkatesh, Debora E. Dunkle and Amanda Wortman have published a new report from The Center for Research on Information Technology and Organizations at UTI titled "Evolving Patterns of Household Computer Use: 1999-2010". Here is one of the tables from that report:

It seems that the penetration of the Internet into American households has been progressing quickly and thoroughly.

I suspect that we will see further development of computer based entertainment. I also predict that we will see more home management, with people emailing home appliances with instructions, with home appliances informing home owners and service people of their situation, and with computer based operations such as changing energy use according to energy prices at different times.

But I have been often wrong in the past as to the places to look for new killer apps!

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