Sunday, February 12, 2012

Data you should know about taxes and foreign aid

Apparently few people in the United States know what the average tax rates really are. Here is data from the Congressional Budget Office:

There also seems to be a belief that a lot of the taxpayer money goes for foreign aid. This is from an article in The Washington Post last year:
Since the 1970s, aid spending has hovered around 1 percent of the federal budget. International assistance programs were close to 5 percent of the budget under Lyndon B. Johnson during the war in Vietnam, but have dropped since.
Foreign assistance includes military assistance. If one considers non-military assistance, the portion is less. Check the following graph from the Center for Global Development.

A very large portion of that aid goes to a few countries, such as Iraq and Afghanistan where our security interests are mixed with our generosity.

So how does the United States stack up for generosity versus other affluent countries. Check it out:


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