Thursday, March 15, 2012

We need a strategy for peace in East Africa

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South Sudan is in the news again. Apparently the Sudanese government continues to bomb the South. There are rumors of a new Darfur genocide. There has been an uproar over Joseph Kony and the LRA; the LRA reportedly has been forced out of northern Uganda and is now operating in the Congo. The BBC has just published an article titled "Why is Uganda Fighting in 'Hellish' Somalia?"  Rwandan Hutu rebels have also been fighting in the Congo after having been expelled from Rwanda in its civil war; the Congo of  course has been in turmoil for years.  The International Criminal Court has just convicted a warlord from the Central African Republic for crimes including kidnapping children and turning them into soldiers in that country's civil conflict. Kenya is also experiencing increased violence, apparently especially near the border with Somalia. My memory goes back far enough to recall genocide in Rwanda (1995) and Burundi (1972, 1993), the disastrous administrations of Idi Amin and Milton Obote in Uganda (1960s thru 1980s), the Eritrean-Ethiopian war (1998-2000) and decades of civil strife in Ethiopia.

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