Monday, September 10, 2012

Roscoe Bartlett discusses student loans and compares them to the Holocaust.

Of course, it is stupid to suggest that Pell Grants will lead to an American Holocaust. One hopes that all the German-Americans in the Maryland 6th Congressional District who feel insulted by this video will vote, and will vote against Bartlett. His rambling answer to this reasonable question from a college student suggests his mind is not very sharp. The federal government provided land grants to create state colleges in the Lincoln administration. Major current programs date to 1965 and 2006 (under the Bush administration). If unconstitutional, someone would surely have noticed.

 I am no Constitutional scholar, but given the large numbers of international students in American colleges and universities and the large numbers of students who go to colleges and universities in states other than those of their parents, I would assume that the federal government has constitutional authority under the commerce clause.

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