Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A thought about Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney was the son of George Romney, not only rich, but the CEO of a major auto company, Governor of his state, and candidate for president of the United States. Moreover, his family were of great importance in the Mormon Church hierarchy. Mitt Romney went to elite schools, but would have been recognized as one of the elite students within the elite company of those schools.

He spent a couple of years as one of a small community of Mormon missionaries in France. They saw as their mission helping people to join the company of latter day saints. One assumes that he knocked on thousands of doors, met thousands of people, and only made two conversions.

He spent a number of years as a staff member of an elite consulting company, In that role he would have gone into many companies with the role of telling their managers how to better run their companies. He then spent a number of years as the head of a company with an elite staff that made a lot of money buying other firms and revising their management in order to rapidly make those companies more valuable.

He also spent many years as a Bishop of the Mormon Church, in which role he very frequently served as a counselor for lay members of the church who needed help with their religious life or their secular responsibilities.

He then was brought in to save the 1990 Olympics, perhaps in part because as a leader in the Mormon Church as well as an expert in business management he was acceptable to the Utah elite as one of their own.

He became governor of Massachusetts, another elite role.

He has been a candidate for president of the United States for most of the last six years, another elite role.

I wonder if he unconsciously divides the world into "can do" elites and incompetent others. He certainly sounds like it in this video.

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