Thursday, October 04, 2012

Global Warming has become a potent political issue

Chris Mooney writes in Psychology Today:
And how did this change occur? Simple: People's perceptions of global warming shifted markedly, because the issue came to affect them intimately and locally. In the process, climate change ceased to be cerebral, wonky, and scientific--and became up close and personal....... 
Shift forward to 2012: Global warming is now about not experiencing any winter, about stunning heat waves, wildfires, and drought. It is now something that is right in your face and in your backyard. It is about something that is just not right in your surroundings, and in the rhythm of your own life. 
As a result of the weather this past year, food supplies are going to be low, food prices are already spiking, and we can expect lots of hungry people and consequent political unrest.

The silver lining is that the change in opinion will favor Democrats in the November election, and the next Congress and administration may be energized to do something to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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