Wednesday, October 17, 2012

U.S. Job Creation by President/Political Party

Truthful Politics provides a useful discussion of job creation under presidents of each party, including the graph shown above.
(T)he average amount of private sector jobs created during Democratic Presidential terms is 1,463,220 and the average amount during Republican Presidential terms is 642,000.
Note that the average would have been even higher for Democrats except for the first year of the Obama administration when the workforce was hemorrhaging jobs. That loss of course was not due to anything that the Obama administration had done, but to the crash that occurred at the end of the Bush Republican administration.

Note that the larger the economy and the larger the population, the more jobs should be created. Still it is notable how many jobs were created during the Carter and Clinton administrations.


Anonymous said...

How about an update to this graph?

John Daly said...

Bush vs. Obama: Private Sector Job Creation