Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The public wants more gun control.

The latest national survey from the Pew Research Center tested two specific school-safety proposals, with widely different results. By a two-to-one margin (64%-32%), most favor putting armed security guards and police in more schools. But when it comes to more teachers and school officials having guns, most are opposed (40% favor vs. 57% oppose). 56% of Republicans would like to see more teachers and school officials armed, compared with just 23% of Democrats. More: http://pewrsr.ch/10uIg2U

It seems to me that it would be a bad idea to arm the average school teacher. On the other hand, changing our hiring policies to employ more combat veterans (rained in the use of weapons) in our schools might be a good idea. Recognizing their service with job preference seems reasonable, and they could teach kids things that the rest of us don't know. We might have to have federal grants to train veterans as teachers and school administrators, but that might be for the good as well. If we had those people in our schools than perhaps it would not be a bad idea to have weapons available to some of them to use to protect the kids.

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