Monday, December 02, 2013

“To political freedom he strove to add economic freedom.”

President Coolidge once asked me, in discussing these men, what was my estimate of Roosevelt. “Well,” I answered, “I happen to know that Mr. Roosevelt said the cutting of the Panama Canal was the greatest and most important service he rendered to the nation.” Mr. Coolidge jumped to his feet and, with his index finger pointing upward, he said, “Have you forgotten that he was the only President who dared to tell big business, “Thus far you can go, and no farther, for the safety of our country”?
Gutzon Borglum (sculptor of Mount Rushmore)
President Calvin Coolidge, that paragon of Republican values, gave the speech at the beginning of work on Mount Rushmore, and in so doing honored Teddy Roosevelt for striving to add economic freedom to political freedom.

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