Saturday, April 12, 2014

New Data on Foreign Aid.

From The Economist:
Last year developing countries received $134.8 billion in aid, the highest ever, according to the OECD’s Development Assistance Committee (DAC)........The United Arab Emirates increased aid fourfold, chiefly to help Egypt. It gave the most as a share of its income. America gives less than 0.2% of its GNI
France, Germany and the United Kingdom, with a total population among if 210 million them gave  $43.4 billion while the USA with a population of 313 million gave $31.5 billion. The GDP per capita of the USA is 53,101; those of Germany, the UK and France are respectively 40,007, 37,307 and 35,784 (all in international dollars).

Thus the USA, while richer than our European allies, gives much less than they do to alleviate poverty in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The excuse often given is that we spend much more on the military than do the European countries. I think it is that the Congress will not give more because of the views of the more isolationist members, and because the voters don't know how uncharitable the country actually is.

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