Tuesday, June 10, 2014

If you watch television you are likely to be choosing to be misinformed.

Via the National Review
My son points out that the most credible sources of television news are probably Al Jazeera America and BBC America.

Fortunately, with the Internet we can get news from a variety of good newspapers around the world. It helps if you read several languages, but even limiting oneself to English there are a number of credible newspapers. There are also magazines, and you can read more that TV will broadcast on a story.

I think this is really a problem. If people believe the least credible sources to be the best sources and watch them, they are going to believe a lot of false information and biased reports. They are then going to support the wrong policies and politicians. That has gotten the world into wars and holocausts, and can get mankind into still deeper problems now that we have the ability to destroy much of the environment and many of ourselves.

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