Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Laws per Congress -- Truman to Obama

I quote from the source of the graph:
The 113th Congress is on track to be the “least productive” in six decades, sending President Obama fewer public bills to be signed into law than any president since the end of World War II.
Too many members are too busy seeking election to the next Congress to work on the people's business now. I think the nation has a lot of problems that the government should be addressing, so I am not sure that the 113th Congress simply spinning its wheels for two years is in our interest.

John Delaney, my Congressman newly elected in the Maryland 6th District, seems to have tried valiantly to legislate in the country's interest. If you can not say the same for yours:

  • Perhaps you have not been following his/her record closely, and you should check before the November election.
  • Or you know that she/he has not been working for us, and you should vote accordingly.

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