Saturday, October 11, 2014

Evolution of Human Communication

Erik R Kuhne posted this chart on Facebook with the following text:
The chart below shows these emerging technologies going back to Cave Painting, Language, Alphabet, Print ... up to the present. This graphic comes from Jude Umeh writing about DIGITAL INNOVATION "The development of computing and internet technologies, and the disruptive effect they had / are having on many traditional industries, is a prime example. In my 2007 book on digital rights management, I described the evolution of human communication (plotted over time and numbers reached) with an early infographic that also captured how computing and internet technologies have parallels with (and essentially re-create, re-interpret or replace) most prior communication technology and formats (e.g. spoken, written, visual, broadcast and telecommunications)."
Architect Kuhne is one smart man, who combines the ability to think visually and technologically as one might expect from a very good architect with a futurist outlook.

It might be interesting to add to the chart. Mathematics is another way to communicate. There are the  the non verbal means -- pictures (painting, photography, etc.), music, dance. How about the institutions we have added to facilitate communication -- schools, news organizations, etc.

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