Friday, October 03, 2014

Important information for the young -- how to choose a career!

College Majors: How do they pay? How meaningful it the work? Are they recommended?

This graph is a screenshot of an interactive site provided by the Washington Post. I suggest that you check out the original. If you put your pointer on a point, it will tell you what the major is.

The graph shows that a lot of majors lead to meaningful jobs with not very satisfactory pay, and a lot of majors lead to not very satisfactory jobs but with pretty good pay. A lot of people will opt for one or the other of those options. Still, the green spots, representing majors that are recommended by the folk who pursued them are primarily in the top part of the graph, and the red dots below the mean.

The majors in the high pay, high satisfaction quadrant  that are most recommended tend to be in engineering fields. Of course, not everyone is cut out to be an engineer, and some would not find the work rewarding. Still, if you are about to choose a major, consider engineering. I did, and I enjoyed the work and found the training great when I went on to other kinds of work.

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