Friday, November 07, 2014

The Country Turned Red This Week.

US mid-terms 2014: House of Representatives Results
Source: BBC News
The Republicans have 244 and the Democrats 182 seats, before a few undecided races are completed.

Voter turnout was 36.6 of registered voters (lots of Americans don't even bother to register to vote). This is the worst turnout since the 1940s when the country was at war and lot of the population was abroad or had moved away from home for war work.

Apparently, approval of the Congress was 11%. Most Americans apparently don't know the name of their Congress person when asked. Still most are reelected in every election -- perhaps in part because most Congressional districts have safe majorities for one or the other party.

A higher portion of Republican voters turned out in this election than Democratic voters.

Check out this video on who voted. More than half of the voters viewed the Democratic Party unfavorably and more than half of the voters viewed the Republican Party unfavorably. 

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