Wednesday, November 12, 2014

We need some changes to the Constitution

Did you know that states, with their constitutional powers, can allocate their electoral votes in presidential elections as their legislatures choose. Most have all the electors vote for the candidate who gets the most votes in their state.

But that is not required. In Maine and Nebraska, two electoral votes go to the candidate who gets most votes in the whole state, and one electoral vote goes to the candidate who gets most votes in each Congressional district. Thus in these states electoral votes are often split.

Now we know that in red states, most of the voters are rural or small town residents and the Republican majority takes all. In blue states, most voters live in big cities, and the Democratic majority takes all.

What would happen in a close election if Republicans controlling the state government of a slightly red state were to switch to the Maine/Nebraska like system? Well Republicans would likely pick up some electoral votes -- those from the rural districts in the state.

Might they really do that? Might that work? Read this!

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